Human placenta with umbilical cord

UM What?

Placenta Encapsulation

No Way! Is usually the response I hear followed by Why?


Do animals know something we don’t, well I believe they do. It is a primal instinct just like giving birth and the mammals know what they need to replenish themselves and to nourish their baby or babies.

Don’t worry no one is talking about placenta steak for dinner. But the nutrients are so incredibly rich in the placenta that just cutting off a small slice and chewing on it could help with bleeding after birth. Maybe that is some of the primal instinct mammals have to preserve their life and the life of their young.

Your placenta holds nutrients that fed and nourished your baby; it was created by you for you. It is amazing how your body knows what you and your baby needs and creates it. After birth is no different all the essentials are still there to support you in postpartum.

Some have reported these positive benefits:

  • Speed healing time
  • Promote Healthy Milk Production
  • Help Fight Fatigue
  • Helps with Hormonal Changes
  • Replenish Iron Supply
  • And helps prevent Postpartum Depression


There are many ways to consume your placenta but I find most prefer Placenta Encapsulation.

This method provides a safe and easy way for you to give back to your body and yourself.

With this method, based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is lightly steamed then dehydrated and put in capsules for easy consumption. A tincture and an herbal salve can be made with it also.

I am amazed at how our bodies can create something so perfectly in tune to what you and your babies needs are. No two placentas are alike in look and in nourishment it knows you and your baby.

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